Showgo Support

Thanks for checking out Showgo! 

If you have a question not answered here, you can chat us directly from our main site or email us at


How do I watch TV on Showgo? 

You can't... yet! Showgo is a platform for chatting about the show you are watching. Watch TV as you normally would and press the sync button to start chatting with fans. 

Does it work with live TV?

Yes, Showgo works for live and on-demand TV.

I don't see my favorite show on Showgo. Where is it?

We do not yet have every show available to sync on Showgo, but we are constantly expanding to new shows as our users ask for them. If a show you want is on the app but unavailable to sync, select the ❤️️ next to the show and we may add it later. 

How do I login if I don't have Facebook and Twitter?

You can't yet, but we are working on other login methods.